3D Secure Payment System is used to make sure you are securely shopping online using your credit card on our Cyber Terminals. Bank employees or officials may call the card holder and ask for a confirmation, in case they feel it is necessary. Your order has to be approved before proceeding with your shipment. This, although decreasing the speed of our deliveries, is a standard application of the banking industry to help you to have much more secure online shopping experience.

3D Secure Payment System has been developed by Visa and Mastercard as a safety measure to increase online shopping security, which redirects you to website of the bank your credit card is affiliated to and requires a final confirmation on your side with a single-use password. Thus, even if someone acquires your credit card number, you are on the safe side of digital payments since the password is only accessible by you.

System has two applications, "Verified By Visa", for Visa credit cards and "SecureCode" for Mastercard credit cards. You do not need to make an additional payment to use this system. For more details on 3D Secure and how to create a password, you should contact your bank.

In addition, your online shopping experience at is protected by SSL (Security Socket Layer) system, which is an international standard. Your payment is processed using 128 bit SSL security, thanks to SSL, which is an industrial standard for electronic transactions and for systems that require data security, the information of the credit card you used for your purchase is encrypted independently of and is transmitted to the Cyber Terminal of the bank which will process your payment. SSL protocol also verifies that you are using a safe and reliable website. You can view the SSL certificate by double-clicking on the lock icon located below your search bar, where http link transforms into https. For more information on SSL Protocols, you can visit website.

Please make sure you never type in your credit card information on web pages or correspondences (e-mails, short message service, customer relationship management forms etc.) other than payment windows secured by SSL Protocol.