Our return policy is subject to provisions of Consumer Protection Law No:4077. Consumers have 14 days to change their minds and return the goods. This is only valid if the consumer informs within this period, via e-mail, fax or phone, and the goods must not have been used. If you wish to proceed with returning your goods, you should attach the invoice and issue a shipping receipt addressed to Your payment will be returned within 7 days upon we receive these documents. If you fail to send us the invoice, VAT and other tax liabilities will not be returned. Shipping cost of returned items shall be borne by consumers. Return policy shall not apply for customized items, which are deemed to personalized at consumer request. For that reason, rings and all other products that require customization (e.g. rings adjusted to finger size) cannot be returned.

For returning orders, you need to make sure all documents and materials including product, invoice, dispatch note, certificate, package are sent to us, as delivered to you. All impairments on products or documents during the return procedure, which affect the economic value of items, are under the responsibility of the consumer. You can use our customer relationship management form or send an e-mail to for your notifications. In case you proceed to return your order without receiving confirmation from, your returning delivery will not be accepted.

After we receive your returning order, our experts will review whether your return is eligible. If your return is confirmed, your credit card or your bank account will be refunded, depending on which payment method you selected, within 7 days, after deducting bank commissions.

It may take between 1-4 weeks for credit card refunds to appear on your statements.