When you make a purchase from, your international shipments are insured and delivered to your address by our contracted shipping service provider. You can view the status of your shipping from order tracking window. You will be notified via e-mail once your order is delivered to the contracted service provider. Dispatched shipments are delivered to the shipping service provider, and shipping service provider dispatches those deliveries on days other than Sundays and official holidays.

Once you order is confirmed and if all items in your order is in stock, within 2 days, your order is ready to go and you should receive an e-mail reminding of your payment. If your order includes items that are not available in stock, our representatives will notify you via e-mail or phone, informing you of your estimated delivery time. Your items are being sent to shipping service provider once your payment is confirmed.

If your payment is being processed through a credit card, a confirmation by 3D Secure Payment System is required prior to delivery of items. If your payment is being processed through wire transfer/EFT, after processing your payment, you should upload the bank receipt through “Make a payment” window at, as well as indicating your order number, name and surname under the “details” section of your transaction.

In case shipping address and invoice address of your order is the same; items will be delivered along with an invoice and dispatch note. In case shipping address and invoice address is different, original invoice with dispatch note will be sent to invoice address and a copy of the dispatch note will be sent to shipping address.

In case you are not found in the shipping address, shipping service provider will leave you a notification. Shipping service provider will bring the cargo back to in case you fail to contact them within 3 days upon notification.

Before you receive your packages, please review them. Do not receive your products without reviewing. If you think your package has missing or faulty items, issue a report to delivery official and return the shipping and contact customer support. Your insurance ends after your package is delivered. For that reason, it is for your own good to review your package. By signing the papers handed by delivery official, you acknowledge that your products are intact.